Relativity 101 

Our tips and tricks for making the most of the legal industry's most power document review platform.

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eDiscovery FAQ
A hub to find answers for all your questions on eDiscovery jargon and processes. 

RAND Expenditures on eDiscovery
The RAND Institute for Civil Justice provides an extensive review of the different factors impacting eDiscovery costs.


Defensibility Part I and Part II 

We define defensibility for you in part I, then focus on the preservation process in part II. 




What is Technology Assisted Review? 
Learn about one of the biggest e-discovery money saving tools: TAR.

Technology-Assisted Review in E-Discovery, Richmond Journal of Law and Technology
A look at how TAR can be more accurate than human review.


The Implications of Rule 26(g) on the Use of Technology-Assisted Review, Federal Courts Law Review
A detailed and straightforward explanation of the mechanics of technology-assisted review (TAR), helpful for an attorney in assessing whether TAR should be used in a particular case. 




Legal Hackers Startup Resources
A breakdown of some of the best tools out there for startups in need of legal assistance.



Complete your eDiscovery Collections

Join our webinar series and learn how to collect from new media sources, like Slack, JIRA, Quip, and more.


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