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Managed Services for Law Firms: How tech is optimizing a boutique law firm

This firm saved its clients $60,000 every year by utilizing E-STET Managed Services.


The Challenge

A boutique firm comprised of 15 attorneys serving large corporate clients spent, on average, over $100,000 per year on eDiscovery vendors and software over the past three years.


How Managed Services Helped

  • Costs shrunk by 60%. Clients appreciated the savings passed onto them.
  • BigLaw litigation support at low, fixed prices. E-STET Managed Services provided BigLaw-levels of support at predictable prices lower than transactional eDiscovery work and at a lower cost than building out a litigation support team. This allowed the boutique firm to ably handle the workload of Fortune 500 clients.
  • No time wasted haggling prices, or vendor shopping.


A boutique law firm hopes to deliver maximum value to its cost-conscious clients and expand its ability to handle large ESI requests quickly and efficiently.


The pricing model used by the firm before going to Managed Services is typical of the industry. eDiscovery work was handled piecemeal. Processing, data hosting, Relativity licenses, and technical support time were all charged on a per unit basis. In most cases, the firm paid E-STET for the performance of eDiscovery work, and was subsequently reimbursed by its clients.  

How can this boutique law firm keep costs down and handle large matters efficiently?

The Solution

E-STET worked with the law firm to design an E-STET Managed Services infrastructure comprised of 1TB of hosting space and 12 Relativity licenses that gave it the scale and power to handle larger cases at a significantly lower cost than purchasing eDiscovery services on a per-unit basis. The firm is also now able to buy processing on an hourly basis, rather than on a per GB basis, reducing processing costs by an average of 40 percent.  Implementing E-STET Managed Services as an outsourced eDiscovery department enabled the firm to reduce eDiscovery costs for its clients without a major capital investment in staff, hardware, and software.

Based on the firm’s past eDiscovery spend, the law firm will save its clients at least $60,000 per year utilizing E-STET Managed Services.




  • Cost-conscious clients will be happier and more effectively retained.

  • Obtain the power and efficiency of an in-house eDiscovery team at a cost less than building a hardware infrastructure, acquiring software licenses, and hiring technical staff.

  • Eliminate time spent negotiating eDiscovery prices; prices are set in advance at locked-in, low rates.