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Around the world: how E-STET helped a Fortune 500 company reduce eDiscovery costs dramatically

A Fortune 500 company has to process terabytes of data located on multiple continents with a short timeline. Cost and quick access to data are paramount.

The E-STET processing formula costs 66 percent less than typical industry processing charges.

The Solution

Recognizing that review has been found to account for over 70 percent of eDiscovery costs, E-STET employed its own processing formula to shrink the data size by 73 percent in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, E-STET broke down the data into different tiers based on priority, allowing for quicker access to more critical data.

E-STET’s tiered processing approach shrunk the size of the data massively by utilizing a processing formula that costs 66 percent less than typical processing charges. By shrinking the data massively, E-STET was able to lessen hosting costs by nearly $100,000 per year. This also saved approximately $7 million in review costs.


E-STET’s processing formula

When dealing with this large set of data, E-STET employed a three-tiered processing system whereby all system files were removed first through deNISTing, and then processing only user-authored content, then to deduplicate according to custodian priority, and finally culling through search terms is applied.

E-STET processed about 8 million documents. After processing, E-STET deduplicated about 3 million documents. Finally, advanced deduplication that uses textual analysis culled down the final set of documents to 800,000. This processing formula was one third of the cost of industry standard processing costs, saving nearly $250,000.

Hosting and review savings

By shrinking the data size dramatically, E-STET was able to save the client on hosting charges and also review. Assuming a typical case lifecycle of three years, the savings amount to $300,000.

This corporation saved $250,000 with E-STET.

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