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How Managed Services cuts eDiscovery spend

How a client lowered its eDiscovery spend by 51% by moving to E-STET's Managed Services

Problem: Client X is a manufacturer of microchips used in smart phones. Client X was spending too much on transactional eDiscovery projects, and its bills were unpredictable. Some months, they would skyrocket. Client X turned to E-STET to help reduce its eDiscovery spend under a regular, transactional model.

Solution: E-STET analyzed Client X's eDiscovery spend and invoices. E-STET looked at a multitude of different factors, including its usage of hosting space, processing, technician hours, and others, and created a model whereby Client X could pay a fixed, monthly fee.


Transactional eDiscovery vs. E-STET Managed Services



By analyzing Client X's eDiscovery invoices, E-STET crafted a Managed Services package that reduced Client X’s average monthly eDiscovery spend by approximately 51 percent ($31,000 per month) compared to the same period of time 7 months prior (when client's cases began requiring eDiscovery). Client X would have saved approximately $149,000 had it utilized Managed Services from the onset of litigation.

Table 3

Table 3