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The Changing Culture of the Law, and Ditching the Hive Mentality with Aria Safar

 "Find yourself. Deconstruct the reasons why you want to go to law school or want to practice law. Practice self-exploration."

The Gen Why Lawyer's Nicole Abboud featured Aria Safar in episode 20 of the Gen Why Lawyer Podcast.

The Gen Why Lawyer is a weekly podcast where millennial attorney, Nicole Abboud, interviews badass Gen Y attorneys who are accomplishing great things in their legal careers. Join Nicole as she also chats with young attorneys who have decided the practice of law is not for them and instead, are using their legal knowledge to explore their entrepreneurial sides in alternative careers - also known as Gen Why'ers! If you are thinking about going to law school, are currently in law school, or recently passed the bar and are asking yourself “Where do I go from here?” then this podcast is for you. Each episode is jam-packed with motivation, inspiration, and actionable advice about marketing, branding, leadership, personal development, and entrepreneurship to help move you forward in your career.


This episode covers Aria's journey through law school and beyond.
Here are some show notes:

  • Don’t go to law school to please your parents or fit in with your friends.
  • If nothing else, law school will teach you how to project a certain image.
  • Why we need a push in culture change in the law.
  • Technology in the law is not to be feared.
  • Why hackathons don’t just sound awesome, they really are awesome.
  • Travel is necessary sometimes to rejuvenate and reboot.
  • Cleaning out your office and home can bring you joy.
  • Having a hive mentality can be detrimental.


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